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MCs Beta version release in March, 2015

Create Stylish & Sensuous Survey

Create simple and attractive surveys in seconds with interactive and powerful tools at your finger tips.

Use Your Photos/Videos From SNS

Get more attention for your posts on social media. by turning your photos and videos into a LIVE WIRE.

Share & Enjoy Survey

We use the surveys you create to turn your content into a LIVE WIRE getting you more attention, more likes, and further out to the public.

EduParti Beta version release in March, 2015

Eduparti is a NEW INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENT for educational classes.

Interconnecting apps between teachers and students in the classroom, or on the go, will make your smart phone the best educational tool for your language classes.

If you are teaching a language as a professional you will find incredible advantages invaluable to both you and your students.

Eduparti will give you effective ways to make your students concentrate in class with more interest, ease, and fun.

We will continuously provide you with rich and diverse teaching tools.

Eduparti is the perfect solution for teachers and students!

DigTIME Beta version release in April, 2015

Do you want to explore new places with your friends?

DigTIME is the best partner for your adventure.

Have you ever found an exciting new place, a hidden gem restaurant or exotic shop? With DigTIME you can map out your route and share it with friends!

Dig up other maps and find new places from our community lists.

Discover new adventure companions. You can even find someone who has same interest with you easily from within the DigTIME social network community.

Make new friends in the community and enjoy new DigTIME adventures.

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